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Manchester Credit Union grows members and loans by more than 50% while reducing arrears using specialist credit control software



Core Financial Management System: Sercle (formerly Kesho)

Members: 30,000

Collector Users: 5




Increase in Credit Control Activity


Reduction in Arrears While Growing Loans and Members by 50% and Despite COVID-19


of Arrears Payments are now by Card, 88% of Which are Automated Recurring Payments


Manchester Credit Union is a financial co-operative, owned and controlled by its 30,000 members. It has been in business for 30 years. It exists solely for the benefit of its members and any surplus generated is returned in the form of a dividend on savings or used to improve services to members.


Manchester Credit Union were experiencing unprecedented growth due to the success of a new loan product. The credit control system in their core banking application was very basic and heavily manual based. Staff simply couldn’t cope with the increasing workload. Managers had no clear overview of the credit control function in the Credit Union. There were concerns accounts were slipping through the cracks. Other issues included:

  • Accounts had to be worked one at a time
  • Demoralised and demotivated staff
  • Litigation costs were high, throwing good money after bad

“The overriding feeling is one of actual control. Collector helped us to get a great overview of our data and automated many processes which saved lots of time. We wouldn’t be able to manage the number of accounts that we have without it.

It completely changed the way the credit control team were able to work and collect arrears. It has had a real, positive impact. The difference between the old system and Collector is huge. It actually motivates the staff to get through their work”
Ryan Young, Finance Manager, Manchester Credit Union


With a pre-existing integration to Kesho Curtains, XRS were able to roll out the Collector system in less than 60 days. The system was fully optimised for collecting Credit Union debt with built in modern communications e.g. SMS and email. Manchester’s existing, complex, and varied processes were transformed into simple and easy to use workflows. Expert training and go-live handholding ensured a seamless launch. Staff were delighted with Collector’s ease of use and the ongoing, excellent customer support.

Major improvements included recurring card payments, automatically generated activity notes, bulk activities, and arrangement to pay monitoring. Key management reports have proved invaluable for managing the team remotely during COVID-19.


  • 207% increase in collections activity
  • Arrears percentage reduced from 15% to 12% despite unprecedented growth and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Only 1 additional FTE required to handle 50% member and loan growth
  • 25% of arrears payments are by card, 88% of which are automated, recurring
  • Management birds-eye overview and control of the credit control function
  • Vastly improved staff morale
  • Reduced volumes sent to 3rd party collectors and solicitors

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