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Partners Credit Union revolutionises its credit control function and reduces bad debt provision using specialist credit control software


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Core Financial Management System: Progress Banking

Members: 10,180

Collector Users: 2




Increase in Credit Control Activity


Increase in Promises To Pay Which are Automatically Monitored by Collector


Decrease in Average Weeks in Arrears


Partners Credit Union is based in Liverpool city centre and was established in 1993. Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in Merseyside. Partners employs 13 staff and has in excess of 10,000 active members holding more than £9.3m in savings and £7.5m in loans.


Partners Credit Union was experiencing serious issues in relation to its credit control efforts. Due to poor data quality issues, there was no confidence in the core credit control system in place. Staff “couldn’t see the wood from the trees” and accounts were not being actioned promptly, if at all in many cases. This in turn led to members forming bad habits and the Credit Union was seen as a soft touch.

Staff were relying on massively inefficient tasks such as manual letters and diary entries for reminders and promises to pay. They were stressed and completely overwhelmed. There was a concern at management and board level that this was contributing to a high bad debt provision and could not continue.

“We would be lost without Collector. It’s almost been like having an extra pair of hands, because it’s taken away a lot of the tedious admin work. We were constantly firefighting problems, but we’ve got to such a good place now.

It is a vital tool in the organisation to keep on top of debt arrears. I’m confident that no other company or product could do what Collector is doing for us at the moment in terms of the efficiency and effectiveness of our credit control. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other Credit Unions”
Stuart Lloyd, Finance Manager, Partners Credit Union


Partners’ credit control function has been completely transformed by Collector’s robust features and automated processes. XRS liaised with Partners’ IT and other 3rd party suppliers to minimise the credit union resources required for the roll-out. Collector is extremely user friendly, and users can now see, at a glance, where all accounts are in the process and what actions are each day.

Users are “blown away” by the level of service from XRS which includes swift phone, email & remote support. Managers are delighted with the clarity and control provided by Collector and are confident they have a long term, pro-active, and forward-thinking partner in XRS.


  • 139% increase in collections activity
  • 800% increase in arrangements which are auto-monitored by Collector
  • 14% decrease in average weeks in arrears for live arrears account (not written-off)
  • 54% decrease in accounts written off
  • Reduced bad debt provision
  • Minimum £2,750 annual savings using SMS versus traditional letters
  • Maintained arrears levels throughout COVID-19
  • New culture has enhanced Partners’ brand and reputation in the community
  • Significant improvement in staff wellbeing and peace of mind

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