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“XRS provide a highly efficient, customisable collections solution, with excellent customer service…What sets XRS apart is they have an in-depth commercial and business understanding of the industry, not just from a technical perspective…we feel strongly that it gives us a real competitive advantage.”
David Brady, Commercial Director, Cabot Financial Ireland
“The overriding feeling is one of actual control. Collector helped us to get a great overview of our data and automated many processes which saved lots of time. We wouldn’t be able to manage the number of accounts that we have without it.

It completely changed the way the credit control team were able to work and collect arrears. It has had a real, positive impact. The difference between the old system and Collector is huge. It actually motivates the staff to get through their work”
Ryan Young, Finance Manager, Manchester Credit Union
“We would be lost without Collector. It’s almost been like having an extra pair of hands, because it’s taken away a lot of the tedious admin work. We were constantly firefighting problems, but we’ve got to such a good place now. It is a vital tool in the organisation to keep on top of debt arrears.

I’m confident that no other company or product could do what Collector is doing for us at the moment in terms of the efficiency and effectiveness of our credit control. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other Credit Unions”
Stuart Lloyd, Finance Manager, Partners Credit Union
We introduced the RMS Online system from XRS…it has already paid for itself in terms of controlling our delinquency rate. It has given more than I expected and is still improving in terms of reporting. I wouldn’t be without it.
Matt Heslin, CEO, Kilrush Credit Union
RMS provides structure and control which gives me peace of mind that all loans in arrears are being reviewed correctly. There is no way we could deal with the volume of work without RMS. It automates a lot of previously manual tasks, but also offers the flexibility to deviate from the process when required.
RMS allows us to be proactive in our approach to credit control keeping arrears as low as possible.
Angela Comer, COO, Leeds City Credit Union
Since implementing the RMS Online credit control solution from XRS I have found it gives me peace of mind that all accounts are being reviewed. Overall, I have found the solution has eased my workload and has improved the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our credit control department.
Miriam Magee, Credit Control Supervisor, Letterkenny Credit Union


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