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“Implementing Collector was a game-changer for our Credit Union. The overriding feeling is one of complete control. Collector helped us gain a comprehensive overview of our data and automated many processes, saving us significant time and resources. It completely changed the way our credit control team operates, empowering us to work smarter and collect arrears more strategically. Collector has had a real, positive impact on our Credit Union.”
Ryan Young, Finance Manager, Manchester Credit Union

“Before adopting the XRS Collector solution, our arrears and default management were manual and lacked structure. We integrated XRS Collector with Portfolio Plus and its seamless interface and customisable workflows aligned perfectly with our business needs. Post-implementation, the support received was exceptional, and within six months, we were up and running efficiently. XRS Collector’s automation and reporting capabilities have revolutionised our debt management, providing us with immediate positive results and invaluable management oversight. It’s become as important as a core platform, significantly enhancing our productivity and decision-making. I highly recommend it to others seeking to streamline their collections process.
Ivana Frascarelli, Senior Director, IT Delivery Core Banking, Equitable Bank

“We would be lost without Collector. It’s almost been like having an extra pair of hands, because it’s taken away a lot of the tedious admin work. We were constantly firefighting problems, but we’ve got to such a good place now. It is a vital tool in the organisation to keep on top of debt arrears.

I’m confident that no other company or product could do what Collector is doing for us at the moment in terms of the efficiency and effectiveness of our credit control. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other Credit Unions”
Stuart Lloyd, Finance Manager, Partners Credit Union

“XRS provide a highly efficient, customisable collections solution, with excellent customer service…What sets XRS apart is they have an in-depth commercial and business understanding of the industry, not just from a technical perspective…we feel strongly that it gives us a real competitive advantage.”
David Brady, Commercial Director, Cabot Financial Ireland

“Collector has exceeded our expectations in every way. It has revolutionised our credit control processes and our team now has the tools and insights they need to prioritise tasks, segment accounts, and personalize our strategies based on member behaviour and preferences. This has strengthened our relationships with our members, improved cash collected and reduced arrears. We highly recommend Collector to any credit union looking to optimise their credit control efforts and enhance their member experience”
Dharminder Dhaliwal, Business and Finance Manager, Castle & Crystal Credit Union

“The system is proving to be a major factor in minimizing arrears and bad debt writ offs on our loan portfolio. In addition provisions for bad and doubtful debts are reduced on our financial statements. The history of credit control activity and the communication flow also assists our credit underwriters in assessing future loan applications. We had examined solutions on offer from our existing IT partners but were not satisfied with their system mainly due to its fixed nature and inability to adapt to our demands. XRS Collector immediately showcased its adaptability & flexibility to mirror our Credit Control procedures. This created a very efficient process in identifying problem accounts and enabled timely communication.”
Gordan Randles, CEO, Letterkenny Credit Union

“Core system providers are a jack of all trades but a master of none. Collector does exactly what it says on the tin. It is specialised credit control software which helps organise and automate collections. Our arrears are the lowest they’ve ever been and I’m certain that’s as a result of Collector. We’re catching cases early, working them efficiently and nothing is being missed.”
Liam Kelly, Head of Credit Control, Health Services Credit Union

“Collector provides structure and control which gives me peace of mind that all loans in arrears are being reviewed correctly. There is no way we could deal with the volume of work without it. It automates a lot of previously manual tasks, but also offers the flexibility to deviate from the process when required. Collector allows us to be proactive in our approach to credit control keeping arrears as low as possible.”
Angela Comer, COO, Leeds Credit Union

“Our Credit Control was totally overwhelmed and had no reliable reporting system. We now have a streamlined process and an amazing work flow tool that allows us to keep on top of our debt, and be confident that no debtors or shortfall payers are slipping through the net. We were blown away by the level of Customer Service received and this has continued over the years…nothing is too much trouble. The staff are knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and innovative in their approach to problem solving. They are a forward thinking company that welcome feedback.”
Emma Devaney, Credit Controller, Partners Credit Union


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