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Specialist software for debt recovery, credit control and accounts receivable. Deliver increased efficiency and reduce costs vs traditional methods and manual processes.



Boost Cash

Clear Visabilty
& Control

Engage & Retain Customers

Lower Cost of Collections

Reduce Arrears, Aging & Bad Debt

Write Off & Outsource Less Debt



Automated communications (letters, email and text messages) and business rules ensure your collectors time is freed for value adding work like contacting customers.


Multiple tried and tested workflows will guide users through the process of collecting cash in the most efficient manner possible.

Multiple Payment Methods

Take individual payments or schedule recurring payments to automate promises to pay without a card terminal.

Omni-Channel Communications

Across the debt management lifecycle. Communicate with customers using letters, emails or SMS.

360° Customer View

RMS aggregates multiple disparate or legacy systems in one place to achieve a single view of all a customer’s debts.

Document Management

All documents produced are automatically stored on the account. You can also attach incoming correspondence.

Analysis and Reporting

Manage compliance. Our reporting suite will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the performance of your collections strategy.

Promise to Pay Tracking

Create promises to pay which will be automatically monitored to free up collector time of complex cases. You only need to intervene if a payment is missed.


Easy to use

Management dashboards

Red amber green status flags

Track promises to pay

Compliance contact tracking


Monitor external agents

Full audit trail

Multiple payment types

Pre-legal or legal processes

Automated communications

Multiple organisations or teams

Banking module

Remote client access

3rd party integrations

User security levels

Outsource printing support

Dialler integration

Court document suite

Billing module

Query/dispute resolution

Remittance of funds

Statement production


Collector is available as in-house solution or as hosted application (Saas) delivered securely through our cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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