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Empower your customers and supercharge your collections results with no additional manpower




Have a Digital Collector Available 24x7x365

46% of portal activity occurs outside of business hours


Lower Cost and Free Up Collector Time

75% of consumers prefer to resolve debt online than speak to an agent


Improved Customer Experience

92% of traffic to the self-service portal comes from mobile devices

Did you know 1 in 3 people prefer to deal with debt online versus speaking to an agent?

Source: Experian


Industry-leading functionality, user-experience and convenience.

24/7 Availability

A self-service portal offers 24/7 multi-channel options, enabling customers to manage their accounts anytime, anywhere via a connected device.

Automated Communications

Fully-automated, omnichannel communications such as texts and emails power the process and drive engagement to the portal.

One-Off and Recurring Payments

Customers can make a payment immediately or set up a recurring payment plan based on pre-defined approved parameters.

Branded and Customised

Branded welcome pages build trust and custom content and messaging is presented based on each customer’s individual circumstances.

Balance and Transaction History

Customers can view their account balance and transaction history online saving them and you valuable time confirming those details.

Affordability Calculator

Offer an easy to complete income and expenditure calculator, with supporting documentation, for those customers who are experiencing financial difficulty.

Fully Integrated into Collector

Fully integrated into XRS Collector ensuring up to date information is visible at all times for both collectors and customers.

Frictionless & Easy to Use

Friction causes attrition. The portal is developed from the ground up with mobile-first in mind to provide a seamless user experience on any device.

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