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XRS Collector is a leading international collections solution.

Its powerful technology is proven to reduce delinquency by 60% and will deliver a return on investment within months.


Advanced Automation

Automated batch letters, text messages and business rules ensure your collectors time is freed up to contact customers

Card Payments

Process individual payments live or schedule recurring payments to automate promises to pay without the need for a card terminal.

Text Messages

Sending individual or batch text messages is cheaper and more efficient than traditional contact methods.


Our reporting suite will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the performance of your collections strategy.

Rapid Implementation

Using tried and tested business models, we can deploy a suitable strategy for your business within weeks.

Document Management

You can create your own document templates. Any documents produced are automatically archived directly on the account history.


Using best practices for security, quality and environmental management, we ensure client data is protected to the highest standards.

Managed Service

Everything is provided in the hosted solution, no need for you to invest in additional hardware, software or IT expertise.

User Friendly

XRS Collector is simple to operate. Your collectors will take to it straight away giving you an immediate improvement in collections.

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